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Sand Cake

1.1 cupsand
2.8 gallonschocolate
3.1/3 packagecurry powder
4.4 packagesflour

Welcome to the wonderful world of sand!! This variation on the traditional roman cake is a great vegetarian option at your next get-together. This meal is a real treat for children! Your guests will be begging for more.

First, preheat the oven to 665° and grease a 21x10" ceramic jar.
Begin with a base of sand. (NEVER add too much!)
Next, mix in chocolate with a whisk with your hands. (watch out, it is a powerful aphrodisiac!)
Now, add the curry powder like you're on a cooking show. (NEVER add too much of this either!)
Sprinkle with flour like there's no tomorrow. (NEVER add too much of this either!)
Add the chicken. (watch out, it is poisonous in large amounts!)
Cook 40 minutes or until black.

While you're waiting, did you know that sand is made from tiny crushed up mountains? (Just kidding.)

This dish is best served hot, with white wine. Chocolate truly is better than sex!

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