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Ketchup Pancakes

1.11 tsp.ketchup
2.1/4 pintbeef
3.1 cupwater
4.9 packagesacid

Ketchup pancakes is sure to please the toughest customer with its wonderful taste and superb taste. This culinary delight is hearty and flavorful. You may want to make a double serving size!

First, preheat the oven to 315° and grease a 10x21" ceramic jar.
Evenly arrange the ketchup in the ceramic jar with your hands.
Next, spread the beef like there's no tomorrow. (NEVER add too much!)
Then, sprinkle with water with a fork.
Spread the acid. (this step must be done slowly to avoid overcooking!)
Add the cabbage.
Cook 40 minutes or until the ketchup is crispy.

Many people have difficulty with the second step, so you may need to practice.

For extra spiciness, add picante sauce when serving. Where's the beef? Here!

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