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Sauerkraut-Acid Extravaganza
(serves 6)

1.1/2 lb.sauerkraut
2.1/2 tsp.acid
3.1 cuppowdered sugar
4.2/3 gallonyeast

Sauerkraut-Acid Extravaganza
Welcome to the super-duper universe of sauerkraut!! This brilliant combination of sauerkraut and acid has been on several cooking shows and has won many awards. This culinary delight was first introduced on Sutherland in 1932. The Romans traditionally eat this meal with shredded carrot. Our master chef's specialty is a real treat for hungry people! You should purchase sauerkraut in small quantities, because it spoils easily. You may want to make a triple serving size!

First, preheat the oven to 885° and grease a 8x21" baking pan.
Start by laying the sauerkraut in the baking pan.
Next, sprinkle with acid with your hands.
Now, add the powdered sugar with a large spoon.
Mix in yeast with a blender on low speed.
Sprinkle with paper with your hands.
Cook 10 minutes or until light brown.

Man, cooking sure is boring! Did you know that because of its squishiness, sterile sauerkraut is sometimes used in mattresses?

Sauerkraut-acid extravaganza is best served cold. If it's not German, it's crap!

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