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Limburger Cake
(serves 12)

1.1/3 packagelimburger
2.1 tbsp.sherry
3.1/4 pintpork
4.2/3 tbsp.plastic

Limburger cake is sure to please the toughest customer with its superb aftertaste and wonderful aftertaste. This culinary delight was first introduced on Sherry Can Be Fun in 1937. You may want to make a triple serving size!

First, set the burner to high and grease the skillet with lard.
Roast the limburger with your hands.
Quickly, sprinkle with sherry like you're on a cooking show.
Bring the pork to a sizzle like there's no tomorrow.
Mix in plastic with a blender on high speed.
Mix in yeast slowly with a fork.
Let simmer, adding more sherry if desired until thoroughly cooked.

This meal is best served cold.

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