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Acid-Sauerkraut Souffle
(serves 25)

1.1 tsp.acid
2.8 lbs.sauerkraut
3.11 cupsflour
4.1/4 pinchMSG

Acid-Sauerkraut Souffle
Acid-sauerkraut souffle is sure to please the toughest customer with its bang-up aftertaste and wonderful taste. Traditionally made with sea salt, acid-sauerkraut souffle gets new life when made with the awesome power of acid. Working with sauerkraut is fun and easy.

First, preheat the oven to 50° and grease a 19x9" casserole dish.
Begin with a base of acid like there's no tomorrow.
Then, add the sauerkraut.
Then, spread the flour with your hands.
Add the MSG with a fork.
Mix in powdered sugar with a blender on low speed with a whisk.
Cook 40 minutes or until brown.

Man, cooking sure is boring! Here's a fun and fascinating fact: Acid is often overlooked as a ingredient in meals. (Just kidding.)

This meal is best served cold. What a treat! (But don't forget the antacid!)

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