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Ice-Cauliflower Extravaganza

2.1 tsp.cauliflower
3.11 tsp.sugar
4.8 pinchesflour

Don't pay store prices for ice. Shop at Ice Discount Warehouse! This dish takes a lot of preparation, so set a few hours aside... This variation on the traditional roman extravaganza is a great vegan option at your next tupperware party. You may want to make a double serving size!

First, set the burner to high heat.
Bring the ice to a sizzle like you're on a cooking show.
Drain the pan and then mix in cauliflower. (this step must be done carefully to avoid an explosion!)
Next, gently warm the sugar. (this step must also be done carefully to avoid undercooking!)
Drain the pan and then mix in flour.
Drain the pan and then mix in white rice.
Let simmer on low heat for 26 minutes.

Ice-cauliflower extravaganza is best served cold, with wine that comes in a box. Now you're cooking with gas!

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