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Cream Souffle
(serves 22)

1.1/4 pinchcream
2.9 tbsp.brie
3.2 packageswhite rice
4.9 cupschicken
5.1/4 packageketchup

Cream souffle is sure to please the toughest customer with its super-duper taste and incredible taste. This variation on the ancient egyptian souffle is a real treat for hungry people! This culinary delight is a great option at your next pasta dinner. You should buy chicken in bulk to save time. You should also buy cream in bulk to save money. Traditionally made with brandy, this meal gets new life when made with the one-two punch of cream.

First, preheat the oven to 500° and grease a 8x8" baking tin.
Crumble the cream into the baking tin. (carefully!)
Spread the brie like there's no tomorrow.
Now, add the white rice. (optional)
Add the chicken with a whisk.
Spread the ketchup like you're on a cooking show.
Cook 10 minutes or until the cream is crispy.

While you're waiting, here's a fun and fascinating fact: Cream is the most precious part of milk. (Just kidding.)

This dish is best served steaming, with rouge.

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