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Death By Pork

1.7 packagespork
2.6 tsp.acid
3.4 pinchesgarlic
4.1/2 pinchbrown rice

Death By Pork
Welcome to the superb world of pork!! This brilliant combination of pork and acid is a real treat for pork-lovers! You may want to make a triple serving size!

First, set the burner to medium heat.
Bring the pork to a sizzle like there's no tomorrow.
Quickly, roast the acid with a whisk.
Next, gently warm the garlic like you're on a cooking show.
Drain the pan and then mix in brown rice with your hands.
Spread the ice. (NEVER add too much!)
Fry on high heat for 27 minutes.

Many people have difficulty with the 3rd step, so you may need to practice.

For extra spiciness, add jalapenos when serving. What a treat! (But don't forget the antacid!)

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