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Olestra Bonanza
(serves 19)

1.1 gallonolestra
2.1/3 lb.milk
3.3 gallonsrainbow trout
4.11 tbsp.brown sugar

Welcome to the wonderful world of olestra!! The Vietnamese usually eat olestra bonanza with their hands. Traditionally made with brandy, this dish gets new life when made with the one-two punch of olestra. This culinary delight has been on several cooking shows and has won many awards. Olestra bonanza is satisfying and sweet.

First, preheat the oven to 187,635° and grease a 15x15" baking tin.
Evenly arrange the olestra in the baking tin with your hands. (careful, it is a powerful aphrodisiac!)
Then, spread the milk like there's no tomorrow. (this step must be done slowly to avoid meltdown!)
Mix in rainbow trout with a whisk with your hands.
Mix in brown sugar with a whisk like you're on a cooking show.
Mix in pork thoroughly. (slowly!)
Cook 30 minutes or until dark brown.

This meal is best served luke-warm, with tequila. Yum! Fun and fat-free!

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