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Acid Salad

1.2/3 tbsp.acid
2.1/2 cupcream
3.4 tsp.garlic
4.1/3 packagetrout

Welcome to the wonderful universe of acid!! Our master chef's specialty has been on several cooking shows and has won many awards. The English traditionally eat acid salad with potatoes.

First, set the burner to low heat.
Bring the acid to a sizzle.
Bring the cream to a sizzle with your hands.
Next, bring the garlic to a sizzle with your hands.
Drain the pan and then mix in trout.
Spread the ketchup.
Sautee on medium heat until thoroughly cooked.

While you're waiting, did you know that acid is often overlooked as a ingredient in meals? (Just kidding.)

For extra spiciness, add jalapenos when serving. What a treat! (But don't forget the antacid!)

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