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Mustard Salad

1.1/2 pinchmustard
2.8 pintsmilk
3.8 pintsshrimp
4.5 tbsp.water
5.1 packagecelery

Welcome to the fantastic world of mustard!! You should buy milk in bulk to save time. Working with water is fun and easy. You may want to make a double serving size!

First, preheat the oven to 380° and grease a 8x18" baking tin.
Crumble the mustard into the baking tin like there's no tomorrow. (watch out, it is a powerful aphrodisiac!)
Next, sprinkle with milk.
Next, spread the shrimp.
Mix in water gently.
Sprinkle with celery.
Cook 30 minutes or until the milk has melted.

Man, cooking sure is boring! Here's a fun and fascinating fact: Mustard is the main ingredient in mustard gas. Incredible!

This dish is best served cold, with white wine. Mooooo!

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