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Syrup-Milk Pie
(serves 16)

1.2 tbsp.syrup
2.2/3 tbsp.milk
3.1 tbsp.garlic
4.4 tsp.mercury

Syrup-Milk Pie
Ever have that craving for a dish that's satisfying but healthy? This meal totally rules! Our master chef's specialty is a real treat for vegetarians! This wacky combination of syrup and milk is a great vegetarian option at your next dinner party. You should purchase syrup in bulk to save time. Working with syrup is fun and easy. Your guests will be crying for more.

First, set the burner to medium and grease the skillet with butter.
Bring the syrup to a sizzle like there's no tomorrow.
Then, drain the pan and then mix in milk with your hands.
Drain the pan and then mix in garlic with your hands.
Drain the pan and then mix in mercury like you're on a cooking show.
Drain the pan and then mix in butter. (this step must be done slowly to avoid an explosion!)
Let simmer until thoroughly cooked.

While you're waiting, did you know that eating three meals a day is the key to a healthy fun lifestyle? Fascinating!

This meal is best served warm, with white wine. Mooooo!

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