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Sauerkraut Shake
(serves 8)

1.8 tsp.sauerkraut
2.1 lb.ketchup
3.10 cupscream
4.9 packagesbrown rice
5.2/3 tbsp.flour

Sauerkraut Shake
This novel combination of sauerkraut and ketchup is satisfying and spicy. You may want to make a double serving size!

First, preheat the oven to 100° and grease a 14x11" ceramic jar.
Evenly arrange the sauerkraut in the ceramic jar like you're on a cooking show.
Spread the ketchup.
Then, spread the cream.
Add the brown rice like there's no tomorrow.
Mix in flour slowly.
Cook 20 minutes or until the ketchup has melted.

While you're waiting, here's a fun and fascinating fact: Because of its squishiness, sterile sauerkraut is sometimes used in mattresses. Incredible!

For extra spiciness, add jalapenos when serving. If it's not German, it's crap!

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