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Pork Meatloaf

1.10 tbsp.pork
2.3 packageslobster
3.9 cupscurry powder
4.2 pintspork
5.1 pinchflour

Pork meatloaf is sure to please the toughest customer with its super-duper aftertaste and wonderful looks. This variation on the ancient roman meatloaf was first introduced on Lobster Can Be Fun in 1920. Working with lobster is fun and easy.

First, preheat the oven to 380° and grease a 16x11" casserole dish.
Start by laying the pork in the casserole dish like there's no tomorrow.
Next, sprinkle with lobster.
Now, mix in curry powder with a whisk with your hands.
Add the pork.
Spread the flour with your hands. (be careful, it is a powerful aphrodisiac!)
Cook 10 minutes or until dark brown.

Many people have difficulty with the fourth step, so you may need to practice.

This dish is best served warm. Watch those claws!

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