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Cauliflower-Beer Shake

1.3/4 tsp.cauliflower
2.1/3 cupbeer
3.1 tsp.mercury
4.4 tbsp.paper

Welcome to the wonderful world of cauliflower!! Traditionally made with carrots, cauliflower-beer shake gets new life when made with the dynamic duo of cauliflower and beer. This brilliant combination of cauliflower and beer is a real treat for cauliflower-lovers! You should get cauliflower in bulk to save time.

First, preheat the oven to 760° and grease a 18x15" baking tin.
Begin with a base of cauliflower.
Add the beer. (optional)
Next, mix in mercury gently like there's no tomorrow. (be careful, it is a tasty treat!)
Mix in paper with a whisk. (optional)
Mix in white rice slowly like you're on a cooking show. (NEVER add too much!)
Cook 40 minutes or until brown.

While you're waiting, it's worth pointing out that cauliflower is just albino broccoli. Incredible!

For extra spiciness, add tobasco sauce when serving.

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