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Problems solved by Dr. Snoot

8 / 2003

3 / 2003

A mystery with males.
why on earth do guys parade around in my underwear when they think I'm not home?

– Give me back my nickers!


Actually, I don't know anything about this, because boy snoots only wear one piece of clothing (not counting monocles): hats. We do it to keep our private bits from showing. Maybe that's why earth guys wear underwear?

PS. I hear they do it in space, too.

- Dr. Snoot

A problem with farts
Why do your own farts smell nice, whereas other people's make you sick?

– Galactic Hero

I don't know, man, but my farts smell really nice.
how do i hack into computers

tell me how to hack

– bob

Bob, instructions for hacking:

First, get some really cool t-shirts. Go to Goodwill. You need a t-shirt with the Atari logo, one that says "Free Kevin!" and one that says, "got root?".

Next, watch The Matrix with your friends and keep going, "I did that," after anyone does anything cool with computers.

Then, install FreeBSD.

On your number pad, replace the 3 with your E key, the 7 with your T key, and the zero with your O key, etc. Try to do most of your typing over there.

Finally, hack into the government's computers.

- Dr. Snoot


5 / 2002

Grade A meat
What do snoots taste like?

– J-Rod


1 / 2002

Boys and Girls
How do youknow if a boy likes yo?

– Lover of boys


Well, that's easy. All boys like yo. That's why they say it so much. "Yo brutha! Shiiiiiit." You know.

- Dr. Snoot


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8 / 2001

5 / 2001

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